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Shift Your Facility Management & Boost Your Business Bottom Line

We are focused on optimally managing client properties and facilities to forward your business momentum. Increasingly, boards and executives are choosing to outsource their facility operations in order to:

  • save time and control costs
  • minimize day-to-day operational distractions
  • maximize operational performance of mechanical, structural and technical investments
  • increase facility efficiencies and quality control
  • mitigate risk
  • return executives' focus to core business operations and performance
  • minimize overhead and recruitment by accessing operational expertise and redundancy
  • leverage the buying power of MC Realty Group’s membership within an international purchasing consortium to obtain supplies and equipment necessary to operate facilities anywhere

Why MC Realty Group?

MC Realty Group is an industry innovator that specializes in facility operations and property development dedicated to controlling costs and simplifying the operational demands of an owner-occupied commercial or industrial facility, such as an office building, warehouse, data/technology center or production facility. We are dedicated to managing the day and night details of a facility, as well as the strategic planning and analysis needed to optimize or acquire complex operational solutions.

We are different – at MC we do not try to be all things in the realty sector. We are focused on managing facility operations and property development to increase facility productivity for clients. We are an industry leader in zero downtime records for mission-critical facilities, and have earned a reputation for client satisfaction.

Let MC Realty Group simplify your facility operations with our focused expertise and technology:

  • Dedicated Account Manager: understands your requirements and serves as your primary point of contact with personalized and accountable service
  • MC Help Desk: available to you and your staff 24/7/365 to make timely requests that are integrated into the Automated Hierarchical Service Response Systems tied to our field associates' mobile devices
  • Internet-based Management Solutions Tools: offers a sophisticated resource for receiving, processing, recording and managing maintenance and service requests that provide real-time facility operations status and control. Our technologies include robust controls designed for project management, including automated predictive and preventative maintenance, open access budgeting process systems, real time accounting and financial management systems
  • Trained Field Teams: continuous in-house training programs educate our teams on the latest in technical, safety and regulatory compliance, to meet or exceed performance measures in response time, best practices and efficiencies
  • Established Resources of Subcontractors: ensures your business has the flexibility to expand and contract as needed, with the help of specialized service providers who are pre-qualified and field-tested to expedite responsiveness to any condition
  • MC's Team of Engineers and Specialists: whether the focus is mechanical, technological, structural or financial reporting, our professional team helps set the bar in managing facility operations
  • Quality Subcontractors: MC's established relationships with pre-qualified, responsive and field-tested subcontractors ensures your facility has the flexibility to expand and contract with the needs of your business
  • Analysis and Planning: maximum productivity and savings are gained through ongoing planning and regular data analysis and reporting such as asset life cycles, utility energy savings, emergency/life safety programs, business continuity, environmental stewardship plans, and cost comparisons across similarly sized & operated properties.

The bottom line – our operations focus is structured, from top to bottom, to improve your operational outcomes and control facility costs aimed at boosting your bottom line.

Leverage Our Experience with a Range of Facility Needs

MC Realty Group brings nearly 30 years of real experience managing the entire life cycle of commercial property ownership and use: from concept and planning phases, to operations management, to the ultimate sale, trade or disposition of the property.

We bring you dedicated operational teams with extensive experience managing millions of square feet of commercial property - including corporate offices, government complexes, call centers, production facilities, historic buildings and public venues. Our facility management clients serve a range of industries: financial and trust institutions; large retail centers; warehouses; parking garages; industrial facilities, data/technology centers, and healthcare and educational facilities.

A Track Record Businesses Depend On

MC Realty Group is proud to set the bar in the facility management industry. Our depth of personnel and resources enables us to provide emergency and redundant back-up support, plans and reporting to optimally maintain your structure, and meet your every mechanical, technical and general business operations demands. Round-the clock. 24/7/365.

Green Light Outsourcing Your Facility Operations

with MC Realty Group's Spectrum of Expertise in Commercial Operations